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Dev4Press Updater 3.0.1

Dev4Press Updater 3.0.1 is a first update for brand new 3.0 version, and it brings a number of fixes for bugs reported so far, small updates and cleanup of old translation files. New translation for German language is included.

Some small problems with strict PHP notices and warnings are fixed, few issues with translation (wrong order of strings, problems with some translation formats) are fixed. And German language is added thanks to Tobias Bischof. Old language files are removed, since they were for old 2.x version and only 15% of strings are a match to the new version.

Right now there is a bug that happen when you update to 3.0 for the first time. It is not critical, and so far I am not able to fix it. But, once you update to 3.0, it can happen that you see same update still, just hit check for update on the plugin front page. If you get error saying that you don’t have access to the Updater panel, just go back to admin home, and refresh, all is working fine.

Dev4Press Updater has a micro website to help you with first download and installation of this plugin, and how to set it up. Micro website URL is:

As for the update to new Updater version, old plugin version (2.x) will be able to update itself to a new version, but old 2.x plugin can’t be used anymore for anything else. So, update the Updater 3.0, and please let me know if you find any issue or bug.

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