Dev4Press Updater 3.0.3 is new and very important minor revision that fixes few more reported issues and improves support for multisite network installations solving some very important update related problems.

If used in multisite network plugin was still registering update jobs with every site in the network. This will not happen anymore, and the plugin will remove existing scheduled jobs from all sites in the network with the exception of the main site. This will also solve some problems Dev4Press website had with too many update requests from time to time.

Also, for some users, old 2.x versions had problems with WordPress 4.2 and the scheduler bug in that WordPress version, and this problem will be solved as soon as the old 2.x version is updated to 3.0.3. Old 2.x versions are no longer supported and they can’t update any other Dev4Press plugin anymore, and there is no reason to continue using them.¬†Use the old Updater to update to new version, and do it as soon as possible.

Please let me know if you find any issues or bugs with this new version.

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