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GD Clever Widgets Pro 1.3

GD Clever Widgets Pro 1.3 is a brand new version with 2 new widgets: QR Code Generator and Enhanced Term Cloud. Some widgets now have cache support (and tool to clear all the cache), many things are updated and few things fixed since last update.

Example of QR Code

QR Code widget allows you to select type of content to display (URL, current URL, vCard, Geo location, phone, email, Skype…), set colors (and transparency) and other parameters for QR Code (error correction, radius for code dots and other things) and optionally display textual version of the QR Code encoded content. Another new widget, Enhanced Term Cloud is much improved version of WordPress basic Tag Cloud widget with control for getting terms, use of multiple taxonomies, sorting and display. You can control size of terms in the cloud and options to set prefix, suffix and separator for terms.

Enhanced Term Cloud, Enhanced Posts and Video Playlists widget now have support for use of transient cache. You can set the time for auto cache expiration for every widget. And, there is a tool to cleanup all the cached data at once. Some minor issues are fixed with Enhanced Posts widget, and few other things updated, you can find list of all changes on plugin page.

To see all the plugin features and to see some demos you should start from the plugin dedicated micro website: GD Clever Widgets Pro. If you want to test this plugin on a demo website we can prepare for you, just send us demo request.

Official Website

GD Clever Widgets Pro has own website:


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