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GD Clever Widgets Pro 1.4

Enhanced Posts Filter
Enhanced Posts Filter

New version GD Clever Widgets Pro 1.4 brings 2 new widgets: Featured Post and Enhanced Meta. And existing Enhanced Posts widget is expanded to support filtering by taxonomy terms (multiple taxonomies and terms include/exclude).

Enhanced Posts widget is expanded to support filtering using taxonomy terms. Depending on the post type you select, plugin will display taxonomies belonging to that post type and you can select terms for one or more taxonomies. Each term can be added with plus or minus sign. When widget searches for posts, it will filter posts that belong to selected plus terms and don’t belong to selected minus terms. Next plugin version will include filtering by dates.

Featured Post
Featured Post

Enhanced Meta widget is improved version of the standard Meta widget and it brings options to select which links will be displayed in the widget. It also have a filter that allows you to modify or add extra links (via code) into the widget. Featured Post widget is similar to Enhanced Posts widget, but it displays only one post (or page or custom post type post). You need to select which post you want to show, and widget includes search capability to find the post you want to show. Post display uses same templates as Enhanced Posts widget, so you can show full post, only excerpt, featured image, or you can fully customize template and display whatever you need.

To see all the plugin features and to see some demos you should start from the plugin dedicated micro website: GD Clever Widgets Pro. If you want to test this plugin on a demo website we can prepare for you, just send us demo request.

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