GD SEO Toolbox Pro 1.5 is a brand new version of Dev4Press latest plugin that comes only week after first plugin version. It adds 2 new major modules, support for WordPress 4.4, optimization and many improvements.

First plugin version was released a week ago, but there were couple of features that were not quite ready, and it was better to work on them a bit longer. So, new version now adds two modules: Meta Data and Twitter Cards. On top of that, plugin is now compatible with WordPress 4.4 and it supports new terms meta, code is a bit cleaner and optimized better for PHP7, some plugin panels are improved, and same goes for meta boxes for posts.

Meta Data
Meta Data

Meta Data

This is actually a core SEO feature that allows you to format title and description for every type of page WordPress has. These two meta fields are used by search engines to index and process your website pages and improve your pages rankings.

Different WordPress page types are split into several panels: standard pages, singular and archives… For every type available you can set title and description. And they can include more than 40 different tags. All tags are listed in the WordPress help area on top of the page. Tags are split into few groups and for each tag you have scope where it can be used.

And, you can set up title and description for every individual post, term or user to override these global rules. On top of this, plugin can apply title tag using different methods, including full support for WordPress 4.4 new title display methods.

And, this is the only SEO plugin supporting setting of meta tags for multisite signup page and WordPress login page.

Twitter Cards Settings
Twitter Cards Settings

Twitter Cards

Twitter implements its own graph type system of meta tags for a website to better describe pages and allow Twitter to attach summary cards for tweets related to your website. Each card needs to contain title, description and image (optional).

For cards to work, title and description are required, and plugin will do its best to fill all data when available. If not, you can use fallback information.

Even more coming soon

There are more features in works: Facebook Open Graph, Google News Sitemap, improved meta boxes for users and terms admin pages, some developer related features, new features for Google Knowledge Graph and improvements to Robots.txt custom rules builder. There is no strict ETA for this, but, it should be added in the next few versions in December and January.

Until then, if you find any issues with the plugin, or you have any suggestion, stop by the forums and ask away.

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