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GD WebFonts Toolbox 2.1 Pro

The new version of GD WebFonts Toolbox Pro brings many updates and fixes to the plugin and few smaller, but very important, new features. A number of Google Fonts webfonts included is now 725 (if you don’t use the auto-update feature).

New version brings support for xScape2 Theme Framework themes. Framework and all the themes will be updated early next week to support this plugin. That will include sharing of WebFonts Loader, and adding selector rules to GD WebFonts Toolbox Pro to help with adding fonts to themes easier. Plugin got some new filters and constants too related to use of WebFonts Loader.

Google Fonts list is expanded with latest update and total of 725 fonts. WebFonts Loader is updated also. Many elements of the plugin on admin side are improved and tweaked. TypeKit information is updated and few minor bugs fixed.

Plugin micor website is now moved to Dev4Press Network and updated with new look and feel to match other plugin micro websites.

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