GD Swift Navigator Pro Example
GD Swift Navigator Pro Example

GD Swift Navigator Pro is new WordPress plugin from Dev4Press, implementing additional navigation control floating in the corner of the page that can include any number of action buttons making website navigation easier for your visitors.

As you can see on the animation on the right side, Navigator can have many buttons, more than one popup and it is highly customizable. And if you want to see it in action, just scroll down this page, and Navigator will appear in the right botton corner of the page. Plugin own website have a different Navigator setup, and you can check it out too.

If you want to see how this plugin can be useful to you, check out the Introduction video. To see how easy it is to customize plugin, how to add and configure buttons, check out the Customization video.

Plugin administration panels are easy to use, and Navigator configuration panel allows use of drag’n’drop to rearange buttons:

Navigator Builder
Navigator Builder

Here is the short overview of the plugins most important features:

  • Position navigator in any page corner
  • Always visibile or triggered by page scroll
  • Any number of buttons on the side of main button on in the middle
  • Detailed buttons customization
  • 6 default actions for every button
  • Popup action to display menu or custom HTML
  • Use of Fontawesome icon font for button icons
  • Buttons Open/Close fade and scale animations
  • Import/Export for all plugin settings

To learn more about the plugin, check out plugin home page or own micro website with list of plugin features, demo videos and more. To test the plugin, you can request demo website access.

Special 20% Release Discount

For a limited time until March 27, 2015, you can get 20% discount for this plugin and all other Dev4Press products! Discount code for this promotion is SWIFTNAV. If you make purchase directly from plugin purchase page, this discount coupon is already applied.

Official Website

GD Swift Navigator Pro has own website where you can check all plugin features in detail:


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GD Swift Navigator Pro
Add Swift, powerful and easy to use navigation control in the page corner with custom number of action buttons, popup navigation menus or custom HTML content.
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