GD WebFonts Toolbox Pro is a brand new premium plugin for WordPress on Dev4Press. It is easy to use and powerful plugin for integration of web fonts into your website with support for Google and Adobe web fonts, and local @font-face font packages, integrate with WordPress editor and more.

Styler Dialog
Styler Dialog

Plugin supports Google Web Fonts (650+ fonts available) and has options to auto update fonts list (requires Google API Key), use all variants and subsets (depends on the font) and use of advanced WebFonts Loader for loading of multiple fonts asynchroniusly. Plugin also supports Adobe Edge Web Fonts (500+ fonts available). And you can add your own web fonts in @font-face format.

Core of the plugin is Selector Rules panel where you can add any CSS selector and style it to assign it web font and more, as displayed on the Styler Dialog image on the right. As you can see, you can set font, text styles, box model and text and box shadows. You can add any number of rules based on current theme, default selectors, selectors for WordPress editor integration, custom selectors.

TinyMCE Integration
TinyMCE Integration

You can also integrate plugin into WordPress TinyMCE editor and get additional drop down controls: font size, font family and formats. For font family drop down you can add any number of web fonts for direct use inside the editor through plugins Fonts Include panel. From this panel you can load fonts that you can than use in your own CSS, and include panel has examples of use provided.

You can also preview all fonts available through Fonts Preview panel where you can test different sizes, weights and colors.

Preview Panel
Preview Panel

Plugin works with all WordPress versions since 3.6 and it is fully tested with new WordPress 4.1 You can contact us to request full demo (with admin access) so you can try it on our servers before you decide to buy it. Visit plugins home page here for features overview, or visit plugin website for detailed features and small demo.

Special 20% Release Discount

For a limited time, for the next 2 weeks (until January 20, 2015), you can get 20% discount for this plugin. Discount code for this promotion is WEBFONTS. If you make purchase directly from plugin purchase page, this discount coupon is already applied.

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GD WebFonts Toolbox Pro
An easy way to add Web Fonts (Google, Adobe, Typekit) and local FontFaces to standard and custom CSS selectors, with WordPress editor integration and more.
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