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Switch from Smart Web Fonts Control to GD WebFonts Toolbox

GD WebFonts Toolbox is based on SMARTPlugin plugin Smart Web Fonts Control. A while back I have decided to retire Smart Web Fonts Control, and to switch it to Dev4Press. This post is for the users that previously purchased Smart Web Fonts Control and want to switch to new plugin.

Plugins have similar options, but GD WebFonts Toolbox is more robust, more tied into WordPress, faster and with a lot of plans for future development that will include support for and Settings for old and new plugin are not compatible, and it can’t be transfered.

If you want to buy GD WebFonts Toolbox Pro, and you have valid license for Smart Web Fonts Control plugin, I am offering special 50% discount for buying any of the GD WebFonts Toolbox licenses. Single purchase code for Smart Web Fonts Control (purchased on CodeCanyon) will get you discount coupon for 50% for a single use. Here is how you can get this coupon:

  1. Find the purchase code for Smart Web Fonts Control on you CodeCanyon Downloads panel inside the license file.
  2. Use the contact form on Dev4Press, set Feedback to Promotions, and in the message include your username on CodeCanyon and purchase code for the plugin.
  3. I will validate the purchase code, and if it checks out, I will send you 50% discount coupon.

This deal will not expire, so you can upgrade any time you want.

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