GD Crumbs Navigator Pro is a new plugin from Dev4Press for WordPress. This plugin is made to add breadcrumbs into WordPress website, but it goes beyond what other breadcrumbs plugin can do.


There are many free plugins for generating breadcrumbs for WordPress. So, you may ask yourself, why do you need to buy GD Crumbs Navigator Pro? What GD Crumbs Navigator Pro does that free breadcrumbs plugins don’t? As you will learn here, there are a lot of features that you will not find in other breadcrumbs plugins.

Plain Breadcrumbs Example
Plain Breadcrumbs Example
Smart Breadcrumbs Example
Smart Breadcrumbs Example

Plugin Features Overview

GD Crumbs Navigator Pro is quite different from other breadcrumbs solution due to the customization capabilities, advanced styling, support for third party plugins, responsive design, support for Google Rich Snippets for breadcrumbs, use of shortcodes, functions to render custom breadcrumbs sequences and unique ability to generate multiple breadcrumbs for a single post to cover different ‘paths’ you can use to reach the post.

Plugin has extensive settings to control rules for generating breadcrumbs for each type of page WordPress and supported plugin create.

Smart Animated Breadcrumbs

If you have long breadcrumbs that can’t fit into normal screen width or provided space, you can use plugins Smart breadcrumbs that can collapse crumbs, and expand them on hover (or click). Here is how that looks like:


You can change colors, some visual elements, control animation. And, if displayed on a small screen, it will turn into a drop-down menu to save space.

Multi breadcrumbs
Multi breadcrumbs

Multi Breadcrumbs

If you have posts that belong to more than one category, have different tags, or have a connection to some custom taxonomy terms, you will have multiple paths to reach the post: through each belonging category or term and through date based archives. But, breadcrumbs can show only one path at the time.

With multi breadcrumbs, you can show all available paths. This is similar to what Amazon uses to link products to different categories. And, with GD Crumbs Navigator Pro, you can have a similar thing for your posts to improve internal linking and help visitors to navigate. You can also hide home and current post crumbs if you want.

Supported plugins

The plugin supports bbPress, BuddyPress, WooCommerce and GD Content Tools Pro to generate breadcrumbs related to their content.

Google Rich Snippets

Breadcrumbs can be marked using RDF, Legacy RDF and Microdata to add rich snippets to breadcrumbs. Google can use such breadcrumbs to display inside the search engine results related to your website. Here is the example for Dev4Press search results:

SERP Rich Snippets Example
SERP Rich Snippets Example

And more

The plugin includes functions for themes integrations, shortcodes to insert into content, function to render any list of breadcrumbs and support for Shortcake Shortcode UI plugin for included shortcodes.

We have more features planned for next versions of the plugin, and that also include support for more third-party plugins. If you have ideas on how to improve the plugin, let me know.

Discount offer for 40% off

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