Here is the first minor update for GD Press Tools Pro 5.0. Version 5.0.1 brings several important bug fixes, minor improvements, and few smaller new features that were not ready yet when 5.0 was released.

Backup is now creating index.html and .htaccess to protect backup folder (no one can browse or directly download files from that folder, download works only from plugins Backups panel and requires URL with unique file access key). Options are added to control user login and latest activity tracking. An option is added to enable blog maintenance job in multisite (disabled by default, the plugin only uses the main blog in the network for maintenance). Few things are updated: some things in events log details column and debugger styling.

As for bugs: SMTP was saving password without encryption, Events log had problems with some events details display, Post Duplicator redirection after duplication was broken. Shared Dev4Press Library had two critical errors: one was in encryption class (warning for invalid encryption key) and one was issue with updating settings in multisite mode. These two issues are not affecting 5.0 directly, but if not fixed, they would affect new 5.0.1.

If you find any more errors, please report them in the support forum. And, check out the knowledge base, many more articles and videos are added with instructions on how to use the plugin, and more is coming later this week.

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  1. Hello Milan,

    Re GD Press Tools Pro

    Aside from not being able to download backups within Backups panel, and fixing Storage, as per previous communication, here are a few more observations to consider:

    In ‘Cleanup Tools” description, it says “reparation for tables” yet that feature is missing in Pro version.
    I miss not seeing Database tables page (present in previous GD Press Tools) along with ability to drop selected tables. Please consider bringing back that option.

    Under description of Backup, the header title is “Backup / Restore” yet the ‘Restore’ option is missing from Pro version.

    In Storage page, on left side it says ‘STORAGES’. That is incorrect English. There is no such word as ‘storages’. The plural of ‘Storage’ is still ‘Storage’ without the ’s’ at the end.

    Than you for allowing my feedback.

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    1. MillaN says:

      Thanks for the suggestions!

      Database tables panel is coming in 5.1. Restore is also coming soon, I am testing it still, and as soon as it is ready it will be available as a separate download and part of main plugin. Problem with restore is that multisite restoration is quite complicated (no wonder other backup plugins don’t have it), and I don’t want to release incomplete script. As for the Storage/Storages, mass replacement tool is to blame, it will be fixed in 5.0.2.


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