GD SEO Toolbox Pro 2.5 is a new, major update that brings many new features, improvements, and fixes. Focus in this release is on robots.txt builder, meta data module, some new tweaks, and sitemap.xml generator.

Robots.txt Rules Builder
Robots.txt Rules Builder

Robots.txt rules builder is almost completely rewritten to change the way rules are added. Now, you can set order for Allow/Disallow rules that will help you create complex robots rules. You can Disallow access to one folder, and with next Allow rule, you can allow access in that folder’s subfolder. The new editor includes drag’n’drop support for reordering rules.

Sitemap.xml generator includes support for bbPress Topic Views and BuddyPress groups. The plugin also includes few new tweaks: remove stop words from post permalinks, setting ‘noindex’ for archives subpages.

Meta Data module for generating meta title and description tags now has support for BuddyPress. It also has many new replacement tags for adding current date and time, specific taxonomy terms for a post. Metabox for posts, terms and users is improved with display of global meta data rules, Help panel shows all SEO meta tags you can use, and there are several improvements in the way rules are generated and added to pages.

Updated Metabox
Updated Metabox

There are many more changes: improvements to meta box display and styling, additional information for various options, improvements to install and update, improvements for JS/CSS files minification. As for the bugs, there are many bugs fixed in this version: some issues with custom sitemaps, minor issues with Twitter and Facebook meta data and few more things.

If you notice any problems with the plugin, stop by the support forums to report it. Let me know what you think about the new version, and as always, suggestions are welcome.

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