GD Clever Widgets Pro 2.0 is a major update that includes 4 more widgets, improvements to various elements of the plugins, to old widgets, updated third party libraries, several bug fixes and more.

Author Profile
Author Profile

Plugin now includes the total of 18 widgets. And, there are plans to add few more widgets this year with at least two new releases. Hopefully, by the end of this year, the plugin will end up with 20+ widgets.

New widgets

There are 4 new widgets:

  • Related Posts,
  • Posts Authors,
  • Author Information and
  • LinkedIn Member Profile.

Related Posts widget will display one or more posts related to posts currently displayed. There are few criteria used to filter the related posts including taxonomies terms, keywords from post title and existence of the thumbnail.

Posts Authors and Author Information can display the list of authors or single author profile information. Posts Authors widget can filter authors based on post types, include/exclude selected authors, the number of posts they have.

Posts Authors Widget Filtering
Posts Authors Widget Filtering

LinkedIn Member Profile is the official LinkedIn implementation that can’t be much customized, but it is useful to display your (or any other user) LinkedIn profile and connections.

Updates and fixes

Enhanced Posts widget has a new option to filter posts by authors (include or exclude authors). The QR Code library is updated, and the same goes for other third party libraries used in JavaScript. JavaScript files are all minified only, no longer packed. There are some minor changes to the admin interface and few fixes.

If you find any more issues with the plugin, please, report them in the support forums.

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