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GD Crumbs Navigator Pro 1.3: Coleridge

GD Crumbs Navigator Pro is updated to major version 1.3 (named after great poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge), and it brings accessibility support for breadcrumbs and support for JSON-LD rich snippets format.

With Google officially supporting the use of JSON-LD format for rich snippets breadcrumbs, GD Crumbs Navigator Pro plugin can now generate breadcrumbs and include JSON-LD for rich snippet markup. Generated snippet is tested using Google Rich Snippets testing tool.

JSON-LD breadcrumbs snippet
JSON-LD breadcrumbs snippet

The new plugin version also deals with accessibility for admin side and for the generated breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs sequences now include ARIA markup and roles to properly define the breadcrumbs for the screen readers to identify.

Other changes in this version include priority settings for breadcrumbs building in addons, and this will allow the addons to set own running order. And, this also solves the issue with the BuddyPress addon that was executed after bbPress addon and fixes the issue with wrong member profile breadcrumbs. And, one more bug is fixed, PHP warning related to multi breadcrumbs the main function.

If you find any problems with the plugin, please, use the support forums to report them.

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