Brand new GD Crumbs Navigator Pro is now available. Version 1.4 brings improved support for Genesis framework themes, function to render navigation menu into breadcrumbs and more.

GD Crumbs Navigator Pro 1.4 is a very important step forward, bringing a number of various updates to the breadcrumbs generator, new rendering functions and shortcodes, and improved integration support, especially for Genesis theme framework. The integration support is improved (with few things fixed along the way) and expanded. Genesis theme framework includes new possible integration location, and option to disable default Genesis breadcrumbs.

Integration Settings
Integration Settings

A new function is added to render breadcrumbs from the selected navigation menu. This function includes shortcode too (and Shortcake UI support for it). If the menu is hierarchical, breadcrumbs will still show it flat, so you can create simple menus for breadcrumbs use with no hierarchy.

And, the new version includes many more additional filters for all main rendering functions to allow better control with possible integrations. Breadcrumbs structure is somewhat improved and more in line with other similar solution to help with the styling. Various things are fixed in this version, including a number of automatic integration.

If you find any problems with the plugin, please, use the support forums to report them.

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