Integration addon for WooCommerce is a first premium addon for GD Knowledge Base Pro plugin, bringing direct knowledge base integration into WooCommerce products and use of WooCommerce purchase to restring knowledge base access.

This addon integrates GD Knowledge Base Pro plugin with WooCommerce plugin run shops to add unique ability: knowledge base articles, FAQ, user guides and references for the WooCommerce shop products. The addon can add 2 tabs to each product: FAQ – with the list of frequently asked questions using toggle format as a quick way of getting answers, and Knowledge Base – list of most helpful articles, user guides and references.

Product FAQ and Knowledge Base Tabs
Product FAQ and Knowledge Base Tabs

The addon is easy to use, it doesn’t require any coding or theme changes, and it has only a few extra settings and straightforward method for connecting WooCommerce products to Knowledge Base products. Each Knowledge Base product can be linked to one or more WooCommerce products. Each WooCommerce product can be linked to one Knowledge Base product, and linking process can be done by editing Knowledge Base product or WooCommerce product.

WooCommerce product edit metabox with Knowledge Base assignment
WooCommerce product edit metabox with Knowledge Base assignment

And, this addon also enhances a very important aspect of knowledge base access, it can use WooCommerce purchase status to allow access to restricted knowledge base access. This way, only the users that purchased a product, can see FAQ and other knowledge base content linked to that product. This way, you can have knowledge base content exclusively available to your buyers.

This addon requires WooCommerce 3.0 or newer and it is made for GD Knowledge Base Pro 3.1 or newer.

If you find any issues with the main plugin or the addon, use the support forum to report problems, or ask for help.

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