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GD Security Toolbox Pro 1.4: Hera

GD Security Toolbox Pro 1.4 is the new update for this WordPress security plugin with the support for Referrer Privacy HTTP header (tweaks and .htaccess), updated libraries and various other improvements.

New version supports adding of the Referrer Privacy HTTP header. It can be added as a tweak, or into the .htaccess file. Most browsers support this new header, and it can help you control if the browser will include referrer information if navigating away from your website. If you use .htaccess for this header, do not use Tweak for it.

Tweak for Referrer Policy
Tweak for Referrer Policy

The new version includes new shared code library and major updates in the core code to use it, various improvements and minor fixes.

If you notice any problems with the plugin, stop by the support forums to report it. Let me know what you think about the new version, and as always, suggestions are welcome.

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GD Security Toolbox Pro
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A collection of many security related tools for .htaccess hardening with security events log, ReCaptcha, firewall, and tweaks collection, login and registration control and more.

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