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GD SEO Toolbox Pro 2.7

GD SEO Toolbox Pro 2.7 is a new, major update that brings a lot of updates to the Meta Data module, support for unusual page structures added by GD Content Tools Pro and GD Knowledge Base Pro plugins and more.

Both GD Content Tools Pro and GD Knowledge Base Pro plugins are implementing post types archives that can intersect post type with taxonomy terms. So, with knowledge base plugin, you have main post type archive as:

And, for such page, the title would be: ‘Articles Archive – Page 1 of 20 – Dev4Press Support’. But, you can also have this archive filtered by taxonomy term:

And for such page, with GD SEO Toolbox Pro 2.7, the title will be: ‘Articles Archive in Features Described Categories – Page 1 of 7 – Dev4Press Support’. To do that, plugin includes conditional tags for terms and date archives, allowing you to use same metadata rule for archives that support term/date intersections. Both of these are enabled for custom post types in GD Content Tools Pro plugin.

Metadata edit with tags help
Metadata edit with tags help

Metadata module has few new tags, including bbPress parent/owner forum title tag, original title tag (to use title generated before GD SEO Toolbox Pro plugin). Metadata improvements include various changes and updates to the build object. Fixes to metadata module include missing help tags list for Extras tags, and issue with the conversion of the month for date archives.

There are many core improvements to admin side code, removal settings tools and more.

If you notice any problems with the plugin, stop by the support forums to report it. Let me know what you think about the new version, and as always, suggestions are welcome.

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GD SEO Toolbox Pro
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