GD Swift Navigator Pro 1.2 is a major update that brings many updates related to admin side accessibility, admin side interface, updates to support for FontAwesome for button icons and more.

This is a maintenance release that deals with some core changes, administration improvements and bug fixes. No new major features are added in this release. The admin interface is updated for accessibility, similar to all our other plugins. Few more things are updated and improved, and some issues related to FontAwesome icons support are fixed.

Home button settings
Home button settings

For the frontend, plugin navigation controls are accessible, all elements have roles and different ARIA attributes applied and controlled via the open/close operations for buttons. Navigator is now part of the tab order, so it should work fine with screen readers, but, if you notice any accessibility related issues, please let me know.

As usual, if you find any issues with the plugin, please, report then in the support forums.

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Add Swift, powerful and easy to use navigation control in the page corner with custom number of action buttons, popup navigation menus or custom HTML content.
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