New major update for GD Crumbs Navigator, version 2.0 (named after poet Byron), brings many important core changes, improvements to rendering, improved addons and improved dashboard and about panels.

Version 2.0 brings a lot of under the hood changes. These changes include new builder class that replaces large parts of breadcrumbs generator from previous versions, and now, it allows better reuse of the code and allows us to have new breadcrumbs builder functions that can generate breadcrumbs for any post, page, term or date archive. Until now, breadcrumbs were generated for the current page. But now, you have functions that will generate breadcrumbs for the post wherever you want.

Improved multicrumbs
Improved multicrumbs

Multi breadcrumbs support includes few fixes and several updates related to addons plugin includes to generate breadcrumbs for WooCommerce and GD Knowledge Base Pro plugins. Plugin About panel is redesigned in line with the About panel in other recently updated plugins. The new version fixes several issues, including the potential XSS vulnerabilities related to the admin side panels loading and few issues related to some built-in in addons.

The knowledge base for the plugin is expanded with more functions and shortcodes plugin has, and more will be added soon. If you find any problems with the plugin, please, use the support forums to report them.

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