GD Clever Widgets Pro plugin has gotten the huge update with the 3.0 version, including several bug fixes, updated styling, improvements to all widgets, under the hood changes and more.

Previous plugin update was released more than a year ago, and this new update includes significant updates and improvements. Also, one widget has been removed: LinkedIn Member Profile – because LinkedIn removed that widget when they disabled old API, and there is no replacement for that widget in the new API.

The plugin is now moved into the WordPress Settings because there was no need to have own top-level menu, and with that, new About panel is added with additional information about the plugin and extra tool to remove plugin settings and disable the plugin (for uninstall purpose).

Enhanced Posts Widget: Filter Content panel

Widget Enhanced Posts has several important changes, including the fixed filtering controls, updated query and fully rewritten interface JavaScript. Many other widgets have styling improvements, updates to JavaScript and various bug fixes. All CSS is rewritten as SCSS and compiled and minified to CSS. JavaScript is reorganized and improved. QR Code library is updated, and shared Dev4Press libraries also updated.

If you run into any problems with this version, or you have some suggestions for a future version, please stop by the forums and me know.

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