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Dev4Press Updater

Dev4Press Updater 4.2

Version 4.2 of Updater is here, with various enhancements related to display of errors and problems related to the update check on the plugin dashboard, various small fixes, and other general improvements.

Dev4Press Updater 4.0

Improved plugin block with Beta warning

Dev4Press Updater 4.0 is a major update that brings a lot of improvements and new features related to WordPress integration, better-provided information about the updates and more.

Dev4Press Updater 3.4

Dev4Press Updater 3.4

Dev4Press Updater 3.4 is a new major version that brings few improvements, and also removes the support for Dev4Press themes installation and update – only plugins can be installed and updated using this plugin.

Dev4Press Updater 3.3.2

New minor version of Dev4Press Updater is now released. Yesterday, version 3.3.1 was released with few improvements, and 3.3.2 is released today to fix one regression bug that some users had a problem with.

Dev4Press Updater 3.3

Plugins Update Status

Dev4Press Updater 3.3 is a new version with several improvements and fixes, including expanded front plugin dashboard, updated post install pages, improved styling for News panel and more.

Dev4Press Updater 3.2

Dev4Press Updater 3.2 is a new major version that brings several updates and some very important fixes related to the upgrade process. Because of that, plugin no longer supports WordPress 3.9 and older.

Dev4Press Updater 3.1

Dev4Press Updater 3.1 is a very important major revision that fixes a number of reported bugs and adds many improvements, including compatibility with upcoming WordPress 4.4 and some optimization changes for PHP7.