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Coming Soon: Central Documentation

With new WordPress 3.0 to be released soon, it’s time to use some of the new great features this WP brings. And most important new element is support for custom post types. But, that requires some more testing and updating GD Taxonomies Tools plugin.

For central documentation, new custom post type will be added for Documents. Also, for this, new custom taxonomies will be added for easier classification of documents. Documentation will be categories by themes and plugins, and for each one number of subcategories will be created for filters, actions, functions, tutorials and everything else that is needed.

Since WP 3.0 is still beta at this point, and it’s likely to be in beta during next month, I will need some time to test everything to be sure that WP 3.0 doesn’t break Dev4Press and more sensitive elements like custom build product management that actually run this website. But, if everything goes OK, WP 3.0 Beta (2) will be uploaded on Dev4Press to build Central Documentation.

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Milan Petrovic

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