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Dev4Press moving to a cloud

It’s time to move on. Current hosting solution is simply not enough any more to host Dev4Press and our other websites. So, the decision is made to find better hosting that will allow scalability and reliability needed to ensure minimal downtime and high speeds.

And, the solution is found in VPS.NET cloud hosting. They offer scalable VPS servers with adjustable number of nodes to increase CPU speed, bandwith and available memory. To test the new hosting system, our website TVScape.NET has been transferred to new server yesterday. And the tests showed that TVScape is now 3 times faster (on average), then on old server. Response time is cut in half, and typical page with over 80 images fully loads in less then 15 seconds, while on old server same page needed 40 to 100 seconds. Also, new server is VPS and that allows fine tunning of cache settings, expiry of resources allowing much better optimization.

Dev4Press is moving to new server most likely next friday, so that the support and other normal functions of the website are not interrupted. In any case, there will be a notice announcing the exact period when the transfer is in progress. Major problem during the transfer will be DNS change that with some DNS servers can take up to 24 hours for new server IP to propagate. So, for a day website will work on both servers and depending on your location, you might get old or new website.

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