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Dev4Press now on VPS.NET server

Dev4Press website transfer to new server is completed. I will be testing everything in the next few days to make sure that everything is working, and that some new server settings didn’t broke anything. If needed, website will be put in maintenance mode to fix the found issues.

Right now we are only waiting for DNS servers to get the new IP for the domain, and that can take up to 24 hours.

Since new server is VPS, it will be much faster than shared hosting on BlueHost was, and will have much less downtime. Current server had no downtime for the past 2 months, and not only that, but full control over the server settings will allow many more improvements and optimizations to make loading of website much faster.

If you notice any problem, please report it in the forum or using the contact form. If that fails, you can send email directly to me: milan at gdragon dot info.

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Milan Petrovic

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