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Dev4Press Server Migration

6 months ago I have set up VPS server on VPS.NET. All my websites are migrated there, all except Dev4Press. I needed some time to set up the server and make sure that everything works. Now, the time is right to move Dev4Press, but it will take some time to do it over the weekend.

On friday evening Dev4Press will be switched to maintenance mode, and I will transfer files and database to new server. I will than make changes to DNS records to point to new IP, and bring the website online for testing only. It will take some time to check for all things: redirections, file access and other things. Maintenance mode will be disabled sometime on Saturday, and than we only need to wait for DNS servers to pick up new IP and start directing to new server.

New server will improve website speed and will have very little downtime. Currently on BlueHost we have some downtime every couple of days. My VPS server currently has 2 months without a single second of downtime.

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