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Weekend Maintenance and Redesign

Dev4Press is in the process of redesign, and during this weekend new design will be completed. To test everything and make sure that no issues arise from transition, maintenance periods are expected for at least 3-4 hours. New design will be using our own lightScape theme.

Customizations of the new theme will include many changes and improvements and some of them will be part of lightScape 1.2 theme that will be released on monday with new xScape 1.5.3. Also, new version of bbPress forum will be on the new website (1.1-alpha-2539), with new theme that now integrates with lightScape. This also means that a new theme, only for bbPress called bbScape is in works, and this theme will include integration steps that will allow full integration with any of the xScape themes. This is still some time away (2-3 months). This theme will be free for all that have any of the xScape individual themes or club membership.

Forum will still go through styling updates over the next 2-3 weeks so that it can be integrated better with WordPress theme running the website.

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