First part of planned changes on Dev4Press are now live and this includes support forum powered by bbPress 2.0 plugin. But, few more things are still planned and they will be rolled out in the next 2 weeks and that will include a major new website feature that I will keep as secret for now.

All plugins and themes pages are now stored in more compact form as custom post types. This will allow much better flexibility and that will be used to get more interesting features very soon, including integrated support panel that will be added later this week. Some of the changes are caused some of the URL’s on the website to change, so you may run into some 404 pages if you have them saved as bookmarks. Also, suggestions page for all plugins and themes are removed, and will be replaced by stick topics in the forums. Another major change in this version is for central documentation. Navigation in the documentation now fully relies on archive intersections features added to GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools Pro. Theme has got a bit updated style, more compact look for the header.

With all the changes, theme needs less custom templates, unused JavaScript is removed, styling a bit improved and compacted. Also, website uses upcoming (still not released) Core version of the lightScape theme. New theme version and new xScape Theme Framework version will be released later this week.

As for the features to come, there will be few more settings for users to control some of the website elements, improvements to themes and plugin pages, adding of missing content, improvements to support forum. I hope to finish most of the things in the next two weeks, and this will include one more major feature currently with the codename: FOTD.

If you notice any problems or bugs with latest changes, please leave a comment here or use contact forum to report it.

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