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Dev4Press server upgrade today

Number of visitors continues to increase on Dev4Press over the last couple of months, and I decided to make some more server changes to allow for more resources to be available to this website. Upgrade will be done today, and some downtime is to be expected.

Increased number of visits, but also increased number of spam requests and even malicious attacks (server login attempts, port scanning…) caused that at some periods website became slow and unresponsive due to too much requests. So, it’s best to get a second server that will allow more power and resources to solve the current problems. Transfer will start at noon (Central European Time), and should be completed in 2-3 hours max. DNS should resolve new IP by the time the transfer is complete.

I have set a separate VPS server where only Dev4Press website will be hosted. This server is also hosted by VPS.NET cloud hosting. It wruns on CentOS 5.5 (x64) with Apache 2.2, PHP 5.3.4 and mySQL 5.1. Since VPS.NET cloud hosting allow easy upgrade and increased CPU power and RAM, it will be used in the future to add more power to both servers.

If you notice any problem, please report it in the forum or using the contact form. If that fails, you can send email directly to me: milan at gdragon dot info.

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