As you might have noticed, this website has undergone some update and changes to improve visual and usability experience, give more info about products and make it easier to find information you may need to get support or decide on purchasing any of our products.

Visual / Content changes

Right now, part of planned changes is done, and more content pages updates are expected by the end of next week. After that, there will be complete redesign of user account dashboard panels (you can see now that previously called User link on the menu is now called Dashboard). Plugins and themes pages are changed, but more things are expected in terms of the content on these pages and more relevant information will be added.

Updated purchase table
Updated purchase table

Most important visual change is done with the purchase pages, as you can see example on the image on the right. New tooltips are added and for many elements you see blue question mark icons. Hovering over these icons you will see tooltip with additional information. This uses amazing qTip jQuery plugin.

As for more changes to come, more videos will be added for each product and more screenshots. Also, all the presented information when plugins are concerned will be about Pro versions, Lite versions will be only mentioned. If you want to see latest Lite plugin version, you can use Download pages for that or features compare page.

Updater / Purchase changes

Previously listed limitation of use of Auto Updater is now gone. There is no limit in usage of this plugin. But, we reserve the right to keep out auto updater requests if the server is experiencing high load that can disrupt normal website operations. I don’t expect this happening any time soon, because Dev4Press is on a very fast VPS server on Hostgator and we will be updating it at least once during this year or more if needed.

Terms and Conditions page is revised and completed, and there will be some updates and more info on Support Policy and FAQ pages soon.

But, the most important change is that from today only annual membership purchases are available. There was a confusion about two different recurring payment periods, and this will help to keep things straight. So, all new purchases will be only with yearly payments recurring membership. For users that have old 2/3 months recurring payments membership, nothing changes they will continue to use it normally.

So, there it is, first wave of changes on Dev4Press website this year, and more will be added over next 2 weeks.

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