The past couple of weeks, a lot of things got changed on the Dev4Press: new things, improvements, styling cleanup. And, today, another very interesting and useful feature has gone live. And it is called: Feature of the Day. You can find them through menu item called F.o.t.D.

Feature Of The Day
Feature Of The Day

There are many useful plugins on Dev4Press. There are code libraries, themes, theme framework. And each one has a lot of features. Videos, tutorials and documentation is made to describe those features. But, among all that many great things may be lost. Some small features get neglected, and they are left unused. Feature of the Day will try to change that.

One Feature of the Day post will be published every day at 20:00 (UTC+2). Each post will be related to one of the products and will be tagged with one or more feature tags. Main F.o.t.D. page has filters to find features for specific product and usage. When on main page, current feature of the day will be displayed in full, followed by the list of all past posts. Features will be available through main RSS feed, they will have own RSS feed, and each feature will be tweeted and linked to Facebook. Comments for all these posts will be allowed.

Feature of the Day is implemented as a custom post type, it uses advanced custom permalinks for single post links and archive intersections from GD Custom Posts and Taxonomies Tools Pro.

Each feature will be detailed to include at least one image, how to activate it and how to use it. Some will be short and some longer, but, all useful. If you have suggestions what features to include, leave a comment.


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