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Updating Dev4Press website

It’s been a while since the Dev4Press website is redesigned, and it’s time to make some changes. The theme used will remain the same (lightScape), but will get new color scheme and few more visual improvements. Data organization will be changed a lot to rely fully on custom post types.

Right now, most of the plugins and themes pages are done with, well, Pages. But, maintaining that is not that easy anymore, so, I have decided to introduce 2 more post types (3 in use now) for plugins and themes. This will allow for more compact data storing and much better display of the relevant plugins and themes information.

Current support forum is powered by old bbPress 1.0 standalone. Now is a good time to replace it with new bbPress 2.0 plugin version, and this will be done as a part of update. Unfortunately, due to incompatibility, old attachments will be lost from the new forum. All files will be saved, but they will not be available for download. On case to case basis, I can import old attachments using new system if needed. In most cases this will not be necessary, since most uploads were for bug reports, and these bugs are likely fixed by now.

Website conversion will be done over the following weekend (16 to 19 September 2011). I expect at least several hours of downtime during direct server work to convert data, update files and test everything.

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Milan Petrovic

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