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Dev4Press Network on new server

Dev4Press Network is now transferred to new powerful VPS server hosted by A Small Orange. Also, Dev4Press websites for support and documentation are part of main Dev4Press website installed as Multisite Network and that will make login and access easier for all Dev4Press users.

New server is more powerful with much better/lower response time, able to handle more visitors then before. Tests done so far are very promising, and over the next week websites will be further optimized with use of cache plugins. Also, expect new layer for improved security and adding of SSL license in September, and whole Dev4Press Network will switch to SSL only access.

As with any transfer, there are always some issues and Dev4Press had its share of problems. Right now everything should be working OK, and few important issues are already fixed. Most important problem was Quick Downloads page that was showing outdated plugin versions for download. Some issues with the forums are also fixed.

Let me know if you find any problems or errors using new websites. If you have problems logging in, please clear cookies in your browser since all previous cookies are invalidated.

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