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GD Products Center 1.4.1

New minor revision of the GD Products Center, with version 1.4.1 brings many more bugs fixed (few of them were regression bugs from 1.4), adds few more new features related to the plugin interface and few more improvements to the plugins Core loader objects.

GD Products Center 1.4

Major new version GD Products Center Pro 1.4 is much improved release with many new features (companies and more), performance updates, very important core changes, tons of bugs fixed (several critical bugs), dropping support for WordPress 3.3 and 3.4.

Future of GD Star Rating

As you know, development of GD Star Rating 2.0 was not going too well. Main problem is lack of free time, and current direction of the plugin was again getting complex with long development cycle that I simply have no time for considering all the things I work on.

SMART Plugins: Smart Security Tools

Smart Security Tools is a powerful plugin for WordPress that can be used to improve website security with Sucuri Free Scan, Apache .htaccess tweaks and tools, general security tweaks, security log, various tools. Plugin has a security advisor to get you started using the plugin.