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Preview: GD CPT Tools 4.0 Pro

As previously announced, work on GD Custom Posts and Taxonomies Tools Pro has reached next stage, and version 4.0 is next major release, scheduled for early December. There are many things planned for this version, and here is the preview of what you can expect.

Preview: GD bbPress Toolbox 1.3 Pro

Development for GD bbPress Toolbox doesn’t stop, and new major 1.3 release is in the works for late November (most likely the 19-th) release. You can find out here what this version will bring, and what else you can expect from this plugin for the next few major versions.

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 1.2.2

New version of GD bbPress Toolbox Pro, brings another batch of fixes (to signature, quote and attachments) and improvements (adding hooks mostly), new translations and some new features (enhancing bbPress module with one new option: always display lead topic).

Book: WordPress Plugin Development Cookbook

WordPress Plugin Development Cookbook book is published by Packt Publishing and written by Yannick Lefebvre. Book contains 80 practical step-by-step problems with easy to follow solutions to most common problems developer can have when creating plugin for WordPress.

Dev4Press Updater 2.1.1

Minor update for Dev4Press Updater brings few updates (links and panels display) and many bug fixes (several modules related, problems with bulk installation and upgrade, wrong labels on some panels, issues with themes panels and with dashboard quick update.

New Module: Index for GD CPT Tools Pro

First plugin module is now released, and it is called Index. This is module for GD Custom Posts and Taxonomies Tools Pro plugin. First version is 0.9 Beta, and by the end of next week it will get first stable 1.0 version. By that time video tutorial and more information will be added.

Introducing: Modules for Plugins

What is a module? Module is a plugin for plugin. Modules add extra features to plugins, or they are used to add features to WordPress through the plugin, using plugins basic features. Each module is installed in WordPress as a plugin, but it will be useless on it’s own, it need a plugin.

Dev4Press Updater 2.1

New update for Dev4Press Updater is here, and version 2.1 adds support for installation and update for plugin modules (first one to be released soon), improved plugin dashboard, few updates and several bugs fixed (multisite network problems and few other smaller issues).

GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools 3.8.2 Pro

New maintenance release for GD CPT Tools Pro, brings few minor changes and fixed. Most changes are in service of supporting modules (first one, Index, will be released next week). But, we have few minor new things added (for post types and taxonomies) and few bugs fixed.