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Save 40%: Big Christmas Discount

For the next 3 days, until Christmas, Dev4Press is offering big 40% discount deal for all our individual plugins and themes, plugins pack and themes club membership. Discount coupon is automatically added to all purchase links, and all prices displayed with discount applied.

Review of WordPress 3.3

New WordPress is here, and it is first major release in the past 3 years I have mixed feelings about. It has several interesting features for developers, but it doesn’t offer anything that important for most WordPress users, with a small drop in the overall performance on admin side.

Plugin: YOURLS WordPress to Twitter

There are many services to shorten links, including one supported by WordPress, but if you have a great short name domain, best thing to do is to have your own service to shorten links. And to power it, best solution available is YOURLS and its WordPress to Twitter plugin.

xScape Core, All themes updated

With release of WordPress 3.3, some things changed (once again)  with the login form. Because of that, xScape Theme Framework login form support is partially working. New minor revision is fixing the issue, and all themes have updated styling to take the changes into account.

Monthly plugins resource usage testing

Earlier this month I have published test of 35 plugins and their impact on the loading of WordPress. Based on interest for that article, I will not stop there. Each month new tests with more plugins will be conducted to help users and to help developers to make better plugins.

WordPress Benchmark: 3.0 vs 3.1 vs 3.2 vs 3.3

WordPress now has 4 versions in 3.x line. With slow adoption rate for previous two major versions, despite great 3.2 release, question is will the new WordPress 3.3 manage to persuade users to upgrade? This benchmark will try to give, at least, partial answer to that.