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GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools 3.1.5

New plugin version brings two very interesting new features, includes numerous improvements and several bugs fixed. If no more bugs are found, this will be last minor revision for current major version, and work on 3.2 will begin very soon to bring new rewrite and permalinks features.

GD bbPress Attachments 1.0.0

Forum plugin bbPress 2.0 is soon to be released, and I expect that many extra plugins will be coming to expand the forums. So, on Dev4Press, here is the first our bbPress expansion to add attachments uploads capabilities to topics and replies. Plugin is available for free.

xScape Theme Framework 1.7.6

New maintenance release of xScape is here, adding more changes and updates to bbPress support module, more Google Web Fonts and updated procedure for more compact embedding of web fonts, fixes to the comments form blocks. R8 and newsScape themes are also updated.

Theme preview: Serenity

Serenity is new upcoming theme based on xScape Theme Framework. It will have both standard and Core version. Serenity is portfolio, gallery and blog theme that will have separate front page layout, soft/pastel colored default styles, it will use jQuery powered Nivo slider.

GD Press Tools 4.2.1 Pro

First minor revision for GD Press Tools 4.2 Pro is here adding several new features, has number of improvements and fixes several bugs. Admin Bar is expended with GD Press Menu and many useful options (including quick backup) beside shortcut links to main plugins panels.

xScape Theme Framework 1.7.5

New xScape Theme Framework 1.7.5 is another minor and maintenance release with number of bugs fixed and updates and another set of changes to bbPress module. R8 theme also gets new version that includes update to the jQuery Nivo Slider fixing some issues with new jQuery.

GD aZon FUSION 0.9.2 Beta

New Beta versions is here only days after 0.9. This time, development of new browse/search panel continues with more features, added tools to rebuild templates cache, added tooltips to help you with the controls, several bugs and broken buttons are fixed and few more things.

New license types available

So far, all purchases for Dev4Press plugins were with annual recurring payments. Starting today, we have another non-recurring license type based on the existing Standard Membership. New license is called Standard LifetimeĀ and it’s available for all individual plugin purchases.

GD Press Tools 4.2 Pro

After several months of development and testing, new major release of GD Press Tools Pro is here. Version 4.2 has a long changelog, but focus in this one is new backup module, new auto tagger module, Sucuri free security scan, many bugs fixed and many improvements to rest of the plugin.

gdHeadSpace4 4.1

It was awhile since the last version of the my modded edition of HeadScape plugin. And this new gdHeadSpace4 4.1 one ads few custom post types related features (support for archives, embedding meta boxes) and it has several very important bugs fixed with meta tags rendering.