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Dev4Press Updater 1.7

New major version of Dev4Press Updater brings new features, visual improvements and few bugs fixed (mostly cosmetic problems, or broken links). New features include Amdin Bar integration and interaction with ManageWP services for new versions notifications and updates.

xScape Core

Another minor, mostly bug fixing release. But, this time we have a first set of improvements for bbPress 2.0 plugin. There is plan to add more interesting features not available in bbPress by default. New framework version fixes many bugs, and improves also on translation.

Halloween 2011 Treasure Hunt

Halloween is a week away, and it is a great time to organize a treasure hunt on Dev4Press with a chance to find and win plugins and themes lifetime licenses or find discount coupons you can use during this treasure hunt. Hunt is starting today and it will end on November 7 2011.

xScape Core

Here is new and very important minor update. It adds minor framework revision with improve load procedure that opens the door to allow xScape Core to hold a lot of the shared layout definitions for content and blocks that now all curent Core themes are updated to use.

Status Update for GD Star Rating 2.0

It was awhile since my last post about upcoming GD Star Rating 2.0. Unfortunately, my other projects over the past 3-4 months were taking most of my time, and GD Star Rating was once again delayed. I was working on the plugin a bit in the last month, and will soon have much more time for it.