With Slider Rating and Review, Instant email notifications, new dashboard and about panels and more.
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GD Rating System Pro 3.0: Atlas

A major new version released on the 2nd birthday anniversary of the plugin, with new slider based rating methods, new dashboard and about panels and many more new features, updates and fixes.

Slider Rating Example
New version release information

The new version includes long changelog list with many important new features, improvements and fixes.

  • Slider Rating and Review Methods
  • Slider methods widgets and shortcodes
  • Instant Email Notifications addon
  • New dashboard panel
  • New about panel
  • Various plugin core enhancements
  • Many more updates and fixes

All plugin addons have new versions released with various updates and fixes, including Slider methods support in User Reviews addon.

New plugin dashboard
New plugin dashboard
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You can buy GD Rating System Pro Personal license for $40.00 (1 website use), Business license for $80.00 (5 websites use) or Developer license for $200.00 (50 websites use with Priority Support).

Plugin Features

GD Rating System Pro is feature packed plugin with different built-in rating methods, addons and tools for settings powerful rating website. You can explore all the features through plugin own website.

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