New version with new Dashboard, new about page, notifications,and more new features and improvements.
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New plugin dashboard
New plugin dashboard
GD Topic Polls Pro 2.0 for bbPress

The plugin now includes brand new dashboard and about page, instant email notifications and daily digest email notifications, new poll options, action and filters, and more.

Now with Notifications (and more)

GD Topic Polls Pro 2.0 has a new dashboard and about panels and small updates to the interface used icons and few more things. Also, there is a new notifications system for sending instant vote notification emails and for now, daily digest notifications emails. The plugin also includes many more poll display updates and improvements, updated libraries and many more new actions and filters.

Notifications Settings
Buy This Plugin

You can buy GD Topic Polls Pro Personal license for $30.00 (1 website use), Business license for $60.00 (5 websites use) or Developer license for $120.00 (50 websites use with Priority Support).

Plugin Features

GD Topics Polls Pro is powerful and easy to use plugin for WordPress and bbPress, for adding user-created polls to bbPress forums, with a lot of options to control polls, configurable templates and more.

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