A smaller scope release based on the users feedback only.
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GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 5.1

New plugin version is 100% based on the user feedback and suggestions and requests submitted through support forums and contact form.

Cleanup Tools Page
Plugin Version 5.1

The plugin includes new Tools panel for Data Cleanup. Currently, this includes one data cleanup tool for removing orphaned 'Thanks' records (thanks saved for the topics or replies that are removed in the meantime).

As for the other implemented requests, that includes: option to control 'insert into' button for attachments for selected roles, Quote BBCode has control over the display of quoted text author, Quote link now has a filter to control if the quote is included or not. Image BBCode has a new attribute for float. Toolbar menu is improved, and now includes missing items from the main menu. Plugin now has functions for loading welcome and statistics block anywhere, in any template.

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You can buy GD bbPress Toolbox Pro Personal license for $40.00 (1 website use), Business license for $80.00 (5 websites use) or Developer license for $160.00 (50 websites use with Priority Support).

Plugin Features

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro is powerful and a very complex plugin with hundreds of features included (tweaks, modules, widgets and more) that can expand and enhance WordPress bbPress powered forums.

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