gdHeadSpace4 is a mod of the HeadSpace2 plugin including many changes, fixes, support for custom post types and taxonomies. The reason for making this mod is slow development of this plugin and many problems with latest versions of WordPress and my own plugins that have some conflicting features.

Here is the list of new features in gdHeadSpace4:

  1. Support for custom taxonomies (in HeadSpace2, only taxonomies for posts were supported).
  2. Support for custom post types (not supported in HeadSpace2 at all).
  3. Added new tags for use in page settings: %%posts_count%%, %%post_type%%, %%sitedescription%%.
  4. Added filters to process page tags. One is run on start of the process, one at the end.

Here is the list of features removed or replaced from Headspace2 in gdHeadSpace4:

  1. Old icons replaced by new Fugue icons, and several unused ones removed.
  2. Removed annoying support panel with PayPal donation code.
  3. Removed support for WordPress older than 2.8.
  4. Removed Hacks site module.
  5. Removed System Settings site module.
  6. Removed Widgets site module.
  7. Removed Dashboard widget. It was broken, generating number of JS errors and had no real use.
  8. Removed Tags suggestion on post edit page. It was mostly broken, and caused a lot of problems. My GD Custom Posts and Taxonomies Tools Pro plugin has that feature already and it works with all taxonomies.
  9. Removed all JS code from post edit page. It was causing problems and breaking page from time to time.

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