This plugin is no longer in development. It is available for download to all users with Dev4Press Plugins Pack license.

GD Simple Widgets is a collection of sidebar widgets that have a wide range of options for display and customization, and are easy to use with support for direct integration using functions.

Each widget has range of display and filter options that will help you set it the way you want and to show only the data you need. Since plugin offers replacements for some standard WordPres widgets, you also have options to disable default widgets if you prefer using new versions.

List Of Widgets

  • gdsw Future Posts: Render the list with upcoming posts that are scheduled.
  • gdsw Most Comment: List of posts sorted by the number of comments.
  • gdsw Popular Posts: List of most viewed posts, requires GD Press Tools for views tracking.
  • gdsw Random Posts: List of posts order by random.
  • gdsw Recent Comments: Widget with great many options to format the list.
  • gdsw Recent Posts: List of recently published posts.
  • gdsw Post Authors: Renders list of post authors, and allow even feed links to be added.
  • gdsw Related Posts: Find the list of posts related to current one based on tags and/or categories.
  • gdsw Simple 125×125 Ads: Display two ads with 125×125 pixels.

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