• Use on up to 5 live Sites***
  • Automatic Updates
  • Documentation Access
  • Support Forums Access
  • 1 Year of Updates, Support
    & Documentation Access**
$ 105.00* Buy Now
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  • Use on up to 50 live Sites***
  • Use on WordPress Multisite
  • Automatic Updates
  • Documentation Access
  • Support Forums Access
  • Priority Support
  • 1 Year of Updates, Support
    & Documentation Access**
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  • Use on 1 live Site***
  • Automatic Updates
  • Documentation Access
  • Support Forums Access
  • 1 Year of Updates, Support
    & Documentation Access**
* For renewal you get discounted prices. See information below for details. All purchases are subject to our terms and condition.
Based on your country, you need to pay a VAT on top of the price in compliance with EU and your country tax laws. More information in the Q&A bellow.
** All licenses are valid for one calendar year. For renewal you get discounted prices. See information below for details.
*** One site is a single WordPress installation, but if you are using WordPress as multisite installation, each site in the network is counted.

Purchase Q & A

How the purchase processing work?

Once you decide on the license you want, click on the Buy Now button, and you will be transfered to the ShareIt checkout page for the selected product.

Once the purchase is completed, product download, updates, support and documentation access are all handled through website.

How can I use discount coupon?

If you have discount coupon, you can use it on the checkout page. Coupons usually have expiry dates, and if the coupon is old or invalid you will be notified.

If you are purchasing renewal license, you can't use discount coupon code, since for renewal prices are already discounted.

Will I be notified once the license is ready?

Once the purchase is completed, ShareIt will notify Dev4Press website (this can take up to couple of hours, but in most cases it will be done in a couple of minutes) that will created new account (if you are new customer), and send you login info along with email about the product you purchased.

If payment processing takes too long, send us email and include ShareIt purchase ID, email you used and product you purchased as well as payment method. Processing depending on payment and your bank, so please, be patient.

And what about taxes?

Prices are listed without tax. For some countries (EU based), a tax (VAT) will be added to total price. How much the tax is depends on your country, and we have no control over that. Typical rates go from 15% to 25%. More information on EU VAT you can find here: European Union VAT.

What payment types can be used?

All purchases are handled by ShareIt! and they accept many types of payment:

  • credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB)
  • PayPal
  • AliPay
  • WebMoney
  • Konbini
  • wire transfer
  • check
  • cash by mail

Some payments methods are available in some countries only.

Do you offer refunds?

In general: no. But, there are some special cases when we will consider refunds. For more information on this subject, consult Terms & Conditions page.

What do I get with the purchase?

License grants you access to support forums, documentation and product download. Developer license also includes access to Premium support.

Each license is valid for one calendar year (with the exception of single theme licenses, they are available as lifetime licenses).

Can I continue to use product after the license expires?

If you decide not to renew your license, you can continue to use last product version you have downloaded for as long as you like. You will loose access to product downloads and updates, support and documentation.

If you later decide that you need new product version or access to support and documentation, you can purchase same product license again.

Will this product work on hosted websites?

No. is closed system and you can't install plugins or themes there on your own. To use this product you need to have your own website hosting setup for WordPress. Additional system requirements depend on idividual plugins.

Renewal Q & A

How much yearly renewal costs?

You can renew your license 30 days before expiration date and 14 days after expiration date. If you miss renewal period, you must purchase full license again if you want to continue to get update and support. Discount coupons don't work for products renewals. Renewal prices are lower than full price:

  • Personal renewal is $28.00
  • Business renewal is $84.00
  • Developer renewal is $168.00

How renewal works?

One month before your license expires, you will get email informing you about this, and you will get the purchase link for the renewal that is unique for you and your license to give you discounted renewal price. Make sure you always have current email on record to ensure this email arrival.

Renewal offer will be valid until two weeks after your license expires. After that, you can renew your license at full price. System is automated, and there will be no exceptions on the renewal period.

What do I get after renewal?

Renewal grants you one more year of access to support forums, documentation and product download.

This will ensure you receive product updates with necessary security improvements, compatibility with future releases of WordPress, and you will get all new features for the product.