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Press Releases In October 2019, Dev4Press started publishing regular press releases about important events, major plugins releases, and more. All the press releases include a downloadable PDF version of the press release. If you need more information related to press …

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GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 4.0.5

Version 4.0.5 is a very important minor revision for GD bbPress Toolbox Pro that fixes a critical issue caused by the new WordPress 4.4 and change with shortcodes parsing that affects BBCodes and Quotes feature.

Plugin: YOURLS WordPress to Twitter

There are many services to shorten links, including one supported by WordPress, but if you have a great short name domain, best thing to do is to have your own service to shorten links. And to power it, best solution available is YOURLS and its WordPress to Twitter plugin.

GD Press Tools 3.8.6 Pro / 2.5.7 Lite

New GD Press Tools Pro is not just a regular minor revision, but it contains many changes in the core classes as a cleanup operation for upcoming major 4.0. Some settings are improved and many settings are now part of new Security panel that will hold everything security related.