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GD Rating System Pro 1.4 – Themis

Emote This Example

GD Rating System Pro 1.4 – Themis is new major release with new rating method called Emote This. The new version also includes a new panel for rating types management, very important core changes, many more improvements, and fixes.

Dev4Press Network v5

Dev4Press Network is now updated to new version (internally called v5). This is fifth time since 2009 that Dev4Press has been fully upgraded with new design, many improvements and this time with new plugins, new theme framework and new themes.


Featured Plugins Dev4Press is dedicated to the development of plugins for WordPress and addons to expand the plugins even further. To explore all the things you can do with our plugins, to learn how our plugins can help you make …

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Dev4Press v5 Preparation

List of installed Products

During this month and next (June/July 2015), Dev4Press website and all related websites (plugin micro sites, support, documentation) will be updated to what is internally version v5. But, due to the number of changes planned, it is important to outline what’s coming.