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GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools 3.0: Alpha #1

Development of major 3.0 version of GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools Pro is under way, and the first round of changes is now available as an Alpha/Nightly build. With current added changes, plugin is stable, but still, don’t use it on production websites, it’s for testing only.

BreadcrumbsPress Pro 4.0

s a while since the last update, and now, version 4.0 is getting released, with many new features and updates. At the same time, the free version of this plugin is also getting a major update to version 2.0.

ArchivesPress 2.0

Short after the first plugin version is released, brand new 2.0 version is already here, bringing block editor (Gutenberg) blocks for each of the 3 supported archives indexes and many other improvements and changes.

Blog Categories Index

From here you can access all the blog posts based on the category they belong to. The quick overview includes the number of posts for each of the listed categories.

GD SEO Toolbox Pro 2.7

Metadata edit with tags help

GD SEO Toolbox Pro 2.6 is a new, major update that brings new module for adding new metadata elements into the Google AMP pages, admin side accessibility and various plugin core improvements.

Exclude subcategories from RSS feed

WordPress WP_Query class is used to get posts for, basically, everything. And this class is very complex. It has a long list of supported query variables, filters, and actions to control the process. But, even with all that, there are some limitations in the way you can use it.

How WordPress URL rewriting works?

On of the most important features WordPress has is permalinks rewrite engine that can create all those pretty links we are so used to with no query elements like question marks or ampersand. Did you wonder how permalinks work and what can you do to customize them? Read on.

Fixing Third Party WordPress Plugins

One of the most frustrated things when using any kind of software, is that author doesn’t fix all the bugs fast enough. Since Dev4Press (and my other websites) use plugins other than my own, I decided to offer my own patches for the plugins I use, hopefully some of you will find that useful.

…And what WordPress actually needs?

It is not fair only to point out what is not good with upcoming WordPress, as I did yesterday. There are many things WordPress need, and for some reason all that is completely overlooked by core developers, so I will list all those things that will actually make WordPress better.

GD Products Center Pro 1.0.2

New version of GD Products Center Pro is here with many more important changes and new features. New product types and custom taxonomies templates are added, properties tooltips, alternative URL for products and improvements to dialogs. Few bugs are fixed also.