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New plugin: SweepPress Lite & Pro

SweepPress is a new Dev4Press for WordPress, available in Lite and Pro editions, made for a cleanup and optimization of WordPress database, based on removal of various unused and obsolete data that has the potential to slow down normal WordPress queries.


Press Releases In October 2019, Dev4Press started publishing regular press releases about important events, major plugins releases, and more. All the press releases include a downloadable PDF version of the press release. If you need more information related to press …

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Preparation for the 10th Dev4Press Anniversary

Dev4Press today announced that preparation for the 10th anniversary celebration is underway. To celebrate the upcoming milestone, Dev4Press will organize 10 weekly giveaways via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram that will include free licenses for various Dev4Press plugins and plugins collections.

Happy New 2018

Renewals Panel

The new 2018 year has just started, but there are a lot of things to do already, starting with the changes to the Dev4Press website, improvements to renewal process and few more things.


Premium Plugins Translations Each Pro plugin and addon is set as a project under GlotPress powered translation website, and anyone with a Dev4Press account can contribute to translations. Anyone with the Dev4Press account can help with the translations of the …

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GD Rating System Pro 1.0 Alpha #1

GD Rating System Pro is still in development. This is the first public release of Alpha version of the plugin, with stable 1.0 version expected to be released in about 8 days. Free version will be released in the same time as Pro.