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Updater Policy

Updater Policy Here are few things that you need to know about using this plugin. Dev4Press Updater is a free plugin, and you can download and install it without purchasing any of the Dev4Press plugins or themes. To use the …

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New Plugin: GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 1.0

As announced before, here is a brand new premium plugin for WordPress: GD bbPress Toolbox Pro. Plugin includes many expansions for the bbPress powered forums including: attachments, BBCodes, quotes, signature and much more. Plugin also has its own dedicated website.

Dev4Press Updater 1.5

Brand new Dev4Press Updater 1.5, internal plugin available to users with premium plugins and themes licenses for updating products from WordPress directly, now supports installing of plugins and themes directly, without need to download and install them manually.

Dev4Press Updater 1.0.0

Here is the first official, and most important stable, release of Dev4Press Updater plugin. Unfortunately, if you used previous version, you can’t perform update with it, because installation was broken in that one, so you need to install this version manually.

Plugins, Addons, and Clubs Licensing

Licensing Information All licenses are subject to our Terms and Conditions. The current licensing system is active from October 24, 2018. To find out more about the previous licensing system (in use before October 24, 2018), you can check out …

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GD Security Headers 1.2

GD Security Headers is a brand new plugin available for free on that will help you set up HTTP security headers and receive reports when CSP and XXS Protection directives have been violated.

Legacy Licenses

Basic Information Here you can find the list of legacy licenses, no longer in use. All these licenses are still valid and if you have any of these licenses, you can continue to use our products according to terms for …

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