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Privacy first: Analytics with no Tracking Cookies

As previously announced, Dev4Press and all other mine websites, have ditched Google Analytics and replaced it with Matomo On-Premise Analytics that I host, set to no longer use tracking cookies, and keep all the analytics data anonymous and in-house.

Deeper into Block Development…

I have written few times about blocks development on Dev4Press and my personal blog, and over the past few months, I have been learning more about how to develop more complex blocks and components. And, we have block editor in …

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Developing blocks for Block Editor

It has been almost two and a half years since Gutenberg (or Block Editor) has been merged into WordPress core for the WordPress 5.0 release. And, since then, block editor is getting better and more relevant for various types of uses.

ArchivesPress 2.0

Short after the first plugin version is released, brand new 2.0 version is already here, bringing block editor (Gutenberg) blocks for each of the 3 supported archives indexes and many other improvements and changes.

New free plugin: ArchivesPress

Example of Date Index Archives output

ArchivesPress is a new and free plugin, available on that implements shortcodes for displaying index lists for WordPress posts archives with a wide range of attributes available to configure each shortcode display.

Coming Soon: Responsive Navigation Menu

With the first xScape based responsive theme coming soon, it is time to announce a new small project for creating the responsive menu with drop down capabilities, color styles, effects and easy to use mobile version. New menu will be part of all future xScape responsive themes.

About Dev4Press

About Dev4Press Dev4Press is a project dedicated to the development of high-quality free and premium plugins for WordPress and bbPress. The Dev4Press project is part of the Golden Dragon WebStudio, a small company for web development, primarily WordPress and jQuery, …

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