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GD Rating System Pro 3.8: Coeus

Brand new 3.8 version is available now, bringing several important security features, new shortcodes, various updates to the Rich Snippets, JavaScript improvements and several bugs fixed. Before we go on, make sure to check out the previous post related to …

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GD Rating System Pro 3.3: Thea

New rich snippets metabox

Version 3.3 is a new major update for GD Rating System Pro, fully rewritten Rich Snippets addon with support for complex snippet types, improved settings rules panel, new shortcodes and many more updates and fixes.

User Reviews Addon for GD Rating System Pro 2.4

Rating Overall with author and user ratings

The new update for User Reviews Addon for GD Rating System Pro, version 2.4 brings support for multiple reviews per users for each post, and the shortcode for embedding the reviews overview into the content.

GD Rating System Pro 3.2: Perses

Sync Meta Addon: Rule Settings

Version 3.2 is a new major update for GD Rating System Pro, bringing new addon (for syncing ratings to WordPress metadata), new options to display a compact number of votes, improvements to widgets, query and shortcodes and more.

GD Rating System Pro 3.1: Asteria

New default block template

Version 3.1 is a major update for GD Rating System Pro, that is maybe even more important than previous 3.0 release because it adds a lot of changes to the rendering process for all methods and templates.

Coming Soon: GD Rating System Pro 3.1

Development for a major GD Rating System Pro 3.1 version is well underway, and if everything goes as planned, it will be released on the date of the plugins second birthday, on March 6, 2018.

GD Crumbs Navigator Pro 2.0: Byron

Improved multicrumbs

New major update for GD Crumbs Navigator, version 2.0 (named after poet Byron), brings many important core changes, improvements to rendering, improved addons and improved dashboard and about panels.

Gutenberg: The Good, The Bad and The…

The Gutenberg

I have waited for a while before I decided to write this review of the Gutenberg, I wanted to test editor that has come far in the development process. Now, with version 1.1 Beta, I think that editor is becoming …

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GD Rating System Pro 2.3: Phoebe

Emote This using tooltips

GD Rating System Pro 2.3 is a major new version that brings: accessibility for all default rating methods, improvements to rich snippets, dynamic load, tooltip addons, new Emote This method templates and more.

GD Rating System Pro 2.2: Tethys

Widget with date period settings

GD Rating System Pro 2.2 is a major new version that brings many new features under the hood with aggregate ratings, date based queries, database table to cache query results and more.