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GD Content Tools Pro 5.0.3

GD Content Tools Pro 5.0.3 is the new maintenance release that fixes more than 10 bugs found and reported in the past week, affecting widgets, rewrite rules, admin interface, some meta fields.

GD Products Center Pro 1.1

First major revision of GD Products Center Pro is here, bringing many new features (modules, new widget, new property fields), many improvements (comparison changes, updated libraries) and bugs fixed (rewrite rules, archive URL’s, exporting data, several visual problems).

GD Products Center Pro 1.0.1

First minor revision for GD Products Center Pro is here, with new shared code gdr2 library that includes optimization of memory use and loading for admin and frontend side, changes in generating rewrite rules, support for date based archives and changes to templates for that.

GD Products Center Pro 0.7.2 Alpha

After first alpha version released over the weekend, work continues on the GD Products Center, and here is 0.7.2 Alpha. New version focuses on improving rewrite rules, theme integration templates, admin side interface improvements and many changes to rendering templates.

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 6.0

Finally, stable release for version 6.0 is here, bringing a lot of changes, new features, improvements, and fixes. This version represents the biggest change to the plugin since version 3.0 was released back in 2014.