Dev4Press is part of Golden Dragon WebStudio, a WordPress dedicated development company. Our work is 100% WordPress related and includes plugins, themes and custom integration and development for WordPress based projects. Dev4Press officially started working in December 2009, but by then, core plugins we have today were available for free via repository. In 2010, some plugins were upgraded to Pro or Premium versions and Dev4Press website started selling plugins that had much more features than free versions and were fully supported by the forum, tutorials and even email.

In March of 2010, the first version of xScape Theme Framework was released with a couple of themes based on it. xScape is a very powerful framework that allows easy manipulation of theme templates and layouts with many additional built-in widgets and modules with direct integration support for different plugins.

Dev4Press goal is to bring better integration of different plugins with theme framework and themes for faster website building and deployment. Our Pro plugins cover the wide range of administration and content related features trying to minimize the need for too many plugins and makes WordPress website use easier and more comfortable. With all Premium plugins, we don’t forget Lite or free versions that are used on thousands of websites, including GD Star Rating plugin, used to bring comprehensive rating system to WordPress powered websites.