About Dev4Press

Dev4Press is a project dedicated to the development of high-quality free and premium plugins for WordPress and bbPress.

The first idea for the Dev4Press project was born back in 2007. I wanted to create a website dedicated to WordPress development, based on offering premium plugins with dedicated support. It took a lot of work, but over the next couple of years, Dev4Press was ready. The first version of the Dev4Press website was launched in 2009, and it had several free plugins and 2 premium plugins.

Over the years, a number of Dev4Press plugins for WordPress and bbPress have grown, and currently, we have 13 premium plugins (with addons for some of them) with several plugins hosted on WordPress.org.

The Dev4Press project is part of the Golden Dragon WebStudio, small company for web development, primarily WordPress and jQuery, registered in Serbia.

About me

I am Milan Petrović, owner and lead developer of Dev4Press and CEO of Golden Dragon WebStudio company.

My first computer was Commodore 64, way back in the eighties of the previous century, and once I got bored with games, I decided to learn to program the computer and create my own games. And since then, programming, coding, development are my job, and more than a job, a true passion. I am married to a wonderful artist wife, and we have a baby boy.

I have started working with WordPress back in 2007, and since 2009, WordPress is the main focus of my work. I have created 50+ premium/commercial plugins sold through Dev4Press and over at CodeCanyon, 20+ free plugins available at WordPress.org (not all of them are still available), and over 100 plugins for various clients. I also have extensive WordPress theme experience, with 2 theme frameworks I developed, one of them still in use with custom built themes running on Dev4Press. In recent years, I have moved away from themes and focused on plugins only.

Interested in custom WordPress development?

If you need professionally developed plugins or themes for WordPress and bbPress, you can contact me about the custom work.

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